Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Poke in the Eye

I have often said, when asked how an experience was, "better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick." Well, now I have a real benchmark for that statement. I was at work today at the nursery and was repotting some large shrubs preperatory to closing down for the winter. I bent down and bingo! Fortunately it is just a scratch but boy these things sting like the dickens. I've had scratched corneas before so I know the drill. Thank heavens I didn't have more downward momentum, that could have been very bad indeed. Now for a week of jokes about pirates... and just in time for 2 biggish art openings for shows* my work is in...

*WAAM/"Eleven Pick Two" & Oriole 9, Woodstock NY.

Last weekend at the nursery, I was clearing a small area near some rotting logs and found a nest of young eastern milk snakes. It was interesting watching them up close, they reminded me of inlaid enameled bracelets, they looked so perfect and intricate. There is also a group of large garter snakes that hang out under the potting shed, even though they are quite harmless, their drab colors give them a slight air of menace. Both of these species help keep down the rodent population so I am glad- and feel a bit priviledged- to see them.

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