Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nothing ventured...

nothing gained. Well, my Kickstarter project failed to reach its goal by the deadline so its over. I would like to thank everyone who pledged, who supported my work. I am so very grateful.
What will I do now?
I have another month of work at the nursery so I will keep on at that and also start looking for another job. I am applying for a NYFA grant but that is another gamble and wouldn't be until April if I got it. I will still try to get my work seen by gallery owners in areas outside of the Hudson Valley, it will just take a bit longer than I had hoped.
A few weeks ago I got an email from someone saying essentially "Who do I think I am, asking people to support me so I can do art?" I must say it kind of soured the process a bit for me, especially when I was struggling to finish pieces for the shows at the WAAM mentioned below, but apparently that was the desired effect. (And I do have to mention, to be fair, that this person has reason to have a grudge against me, but I am unable right now to complete my amends.)
I really do think art is what I should be doing, so I will keep at it, come hell, highwater, ill-wishers and recession. Who knows, there may be some red-dots (sold stickers) on some of my pieces- stranger things have happened.
Again, thank you to everyone who pledged, my heart is so full.

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PooBahSpiel said...

while you're kickstart might have fallen short this time, I still believe that the site has potential. As to the negative email you received, some folks are rotters. The positive response you got from so many others is your true victory, not a naysayer.