Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Poke in the Eye, Part II

The eye is much better thanks to Dr. O'Hara. I do not have a patch but I am wearing a "bandage contact," so no pirate jokes. Yesterday, she dilated the pupil of my eye before putting in the contact so I sported a slight resemblance to David Bowie- well, if David Bowie was an overweight, middle-aged woman. It made working a bit interesting but not impossible.
All the art is done and delivered, some to be hung, some to be juried and then maybe hung.

Here is the piece I did for the Mixed Media
show, I'll know tomorrow evening if I got in or not. No image of the piece I entered in the Small Works show- slapped the glass on it and was out the door.

Anyway, it is titled "Prosthesis." Nice and cheerful, don't you think?


PooBahSpiel said...

What? David Bowie is not an overwieght middle aged woman?

P.M.Law said...

I don't think Bowie was ever overweight...