Monday, March 1, 2010

Ole Green Eyes Strikes Again

Every once in a while my cardinal sin of envy rears up and smites me, and smites me hard. It happened a few days ago when I read about a project on that has made over 400% of its goal. Normally my eyes are a squidgy grey but they quickly turned blazing emerald when I read that. I spent the next hour or so wallowing in my envy, marinating in it- not a pretty sight. It was a truly unlovely thing.
My own kickstarter project has made its goal but has stalled at just under 120% of its goal with 19 days to go. Am I content with that? Noooo... I want 400% too! Inside, I was stamping my foot, holding my breath and throwing a right royal tantrum.
But now I am over it for the most part and have been racking my brains trying to figure out how to shake that pledge tree in the remaining days. I do have to mention that the project in question was all about sex and my project, while it depicts a fair number of naughty bits is just that- a bit naughty, mostly punnish, and clever.
Do I begrudge them their 400%? No, I congratulate them on their achievement. I have to believe that there is enough for us all or I will just set myself back to where I was 2 years ago- a (non)spiritual place I hope to never revisit.
But, man oh man, 400%....


Unknown said...

Ah! We hit that same wall! It was quite a comedown when those backer emails tapered off, right? We definitely saw a resurgence as we got closer to the deadline (as in, the night of), I think it helps to parade that LAST CHANCE!! thing all over the Internet. We also added a few levels and did lots of backer-participation stuff that got everyone talking and paying attention (which is really what a lot of fund raising is about, right?). Anyway good luck i love your project!

x Meaghan

P.M.Law said...

Hi Meaghan-

Thanks. Yep, the social-web trek is far from over.I've got a backer-participation event going on currently: asking backers to help pick some elements for the book cover. Hmm, new incentives? packets of buttons maybe? Who knows, I'll have to think on that.
Anyway, congrats again on your stupendous success!