Tuesday, January 26, 2010

EggHead (part 2)

A while ago, I posted about a piece I had begun but was unsure where to take it. I finished it today in preparation of submitting it for a show of artists' sketches, source books etcetc. I don't know- a bit cute, but I like it overall, rather cheerful for someone whose figures never have smiles on their faces (as someone pointed out to me.) Ambivalence rules... I have until the 2nd Monday of February to either commit or take another shot.

I am usually not this waffly about my work but I must admit the theme for this show threw me. My sketches are very rudimentary, just skimpy little pencil outlines. I have an idea, either rough or quite finished, in my head of how I want it to end up. Color sketch? Don't hold your breath. Working myself into artistic corners and then trying like hell to get out of them is typical.

Ah well. As my Great Aunt (and mentor although she didn't know it) Jean Webb used to say: "You can either talk or do."


PooBahSpiel said...

Flying buttons. Yeah!

P.M.Law said...

Hey Mark- well, it was your comment that got me started on that motif!