Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lovely Lovage

I wandered into my kitchen just now and smelled lovage (Levisticum officinale.) This took me aback since I have no lovage in my kitchen nor its cousins celery and cilantro. I used to grow lovage in my herb garden and loved to use it in salads and salsas- wherever a recipe called for cilantro. Cilantro is infamous for bolting (going to seed and becoming bitter) about 10 minutes after it starts to grow its first true leaves so I never bothered to grow it. Lovage, on the other hand has much better manners and comes back for at least 4 years, getting shrubbier and shrubbier, before it needs to be replaced, so I could snip leaves all summer.
But I digress... maybe the kitchen across the alley is cooking with cilantro and my melancholy mind threw me back to what I would recognize.

Perhaps one day I will again be snipping lovage from my own herb garden.

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