Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kickstart me, please!

Earlier today I read an article in the NYTimes business section. That's odd enough because I almost never read the business section, but there was an article about Wikipedia above the fold so I took a look. Below the fold, there was an article about Kickstarter.com and I was fascinated. I emailled them and was utterly gobsmacked when they responded positively. As of 3pm this afternoon, I have a project entitled "Breathing Room" on their site.
I already have 4 patrons helping me towards my goal- I was so overcome with gratitude that I burst into tears when that first pledge arrived. I have 59 more days to reach my goal- $4500 to give me some breathing room to be able to make art and promote my work.

All too often, I succumb to feeling isolated and totally on my own. I need to be reminded that that is just F(alse) E(vidence) A(ppearing) R(eal)

To quote one of my favorite movies-
"No (wo)man is a failure who has friends...
Atta boy, Clarence."

(And thank you Mark, for your support and reminding me to write about this miracle.)


Betty Ann said...

I suggest you link this site to the project proposal page. I loved seeing what you are up to at this blog. The link to the buttonwoodart.com with the notepage about loosing everything was a bit disconcerting and I already had questions about the goal of your project. (What will it look like when you reach it?...the schedule to what?) I am considering support because your art and concepts are beautiful. Please feel free to delete this comment after reading my unsolicited two cents worth.

P.M.Law said...

Thanks for your comments. I will not delete them, they are well thought out and I will not delete a comment unless it is scurrilous. I have tried to answer your concerns below and I will amend my project page to reflect them also.

The graphic with the entry is linked to the Kickstarter site and there is a permanent link at the bottom of the page.

I chose my goal amount to allow me 4 months of support, still working one part-time job but dropping the others. There are 2 solid goals of getting my work seen at galleries outside of this area, and getting my book proposal to more publishers- both of which I will commit to a schedule.

Gallery representation: One day a week spent in NYC going from gallery to gallery with my work (this also includes burning DVDs with images & making color prints, bio sheets, Artists Statements and price lists to be dropped off.)

Book proposal: it means spending $$$ and hours making duplicates to send to agents- since most publishers will only work with agents. Making calls and mailing packets. I will commit to spending 5 hours per week on that project. I will also commit to making at least 4 new pieces for the Word Project over the project time period.

The other goal is more abstract but funding would enable me to stay in my studio and make art instead of running around working jobs just to pay the rent. This ties in with the gallery goal because gallery owners want to see that an artist is producing work on a steady basis. I have not had the time or energy to make any new pieces for several months. (PS- I'm no spring chicken...)

The overall goal is 4 months in which to focus on my art career, to take the chances and make some connections. Can I guarantee that I will have a gallery in the big city showing my work at the end of the 4 months? Or that I will have sold The Word Project book to a publisher? No, the results are out of my hands, all I can do is take the necessary actions.