Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Work at the WAAM show

The new work at the "Recent Works" WAAM show is a triptych entitled "FEMA Dolls(#1, #2, #3)" and they are done in my bricolage, flat-3D style. Each piece is 5"x7" and individually framed but they are hung together (and hopefully will sell) as a unit. They depict dolls that might be found at the sites of recent disasters, the relics of lives irrevocably changed by forces beyond their control.
I neglected to take a shot of the piece in the "Winter" show and I am usually quite good about shooting before I frame the pieces- drat.
You can see some other pieces up for sale at my Etsy shop, "Loose Ends".
And, of course, my website --okay, putting "update website" on list of things to do.

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