Saturday, October 22, 2016


Framing continues apace. The upcoming show consumes many of my waking thoughts and energies. So much so that I am recycling an old image and not writing about art.
You may not know that my second life is that of native-plant nursery manager. A year ago I was walking through Central Park on a day-trip to the city, and I spotted an absolutely spectacular Actaea pachypoda, common name- Doll's Eyes. This plant is one of those that takes a few years to make its statement and this lovely example has obviously been around for many years. Based on the seedlings we sell at the nursery, I did not know why anyone would go out of their way to grow this plant. After being bowled over by this stand with its fruit clusters larger than my fist with their signature cherry red pedicles and pristine white berries, I have added it to my list of plants I want to grow if and when I have a garden again.

Actaea pachypoda v. alba, White Doll's Eyes.



lebjohnson said...

You should add naturalist to your list descriptors-for that you certainly are!

PooBahSpiel said...

What is your personal experience with its 1. Smell 2. Appeal to birds 3. and or butterflies?

P.M.Law said...

Hi Mark-
1> No fragrance
2> Birds eat the berries, humans cannot
3> Butterflies? No. There aren't many flowering plants for the shade that appeal to butterflies.

Hi Lois- thanks!