Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Tiny Terrors of Roy, NM

I had stopped in a little hardscrabble crossroads in Roy, NM to use the bathroom in the hamlet's sole business, a gas station/convenience store. There I found out that Hades was missing its guard dog, the three-headed Cerebrus. That is if Cerebrus had split itself into 3 tiny but fierce Chihuahuas. Their sole focus being harassing any one who dared to set foot in Roy. Guy on bicycle? Chase him for 100 yards, barking ferociously. Guy on motorcycle? Surround it and bark ferociously. Woman in Subaru who desperately needs to pee? Block the door to the loo, barking ferociously.
I stepped over the dogs and into the lavatory, I did my business to a nonstop chorus of barking. Got into my car with the barking unabated. Left Roy, NM with my escort following in my wake. Eat my dust you little buggers, eat my dust.

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