Saturday, July 18, 2009


Some things I learned today:

  • Eastern Yellowjackets are wasps of the genus Vespula

  • They can build nests in spaces left by voles in the soil in potted plants
  • If you lift the pot and begin to weed it, the yellowjackets get angry
  • They are very aggressive and will follow you a great distance
  • Yellowjackets can sting multiple times, especially if they get inside your shirt
  • Those stings are extremely painful and the pain is long lasting
  • My middle-aged, overweight carcass can really move when sufficiently motivated
  • I can still type although my right hand resembles a baseball glove right now, but I do have go back and correct a lot of mistakes
  • A little knowledge is a good thing but a little Benadryl is a better thing

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