Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Start

Ever since I moved into my current place, I have wanted to replace the color in the large back room- a room I am using as a dining/living room.As noted in an earlier post- "More Sheep & Goats"-the former tenants had painted it a lurid crimson and I had begun to paint over it in preparation for a mural. Here it is in its former state (actually this image looks better than the true wall color):

I took the plunge this weekend I got out my brush, my jars of homogenized acrylic paints and began. I have an idea in mind and I have roughly sketched it out on the walls but I am by-and-large winging it. This is just the first layer of colors, I will add to and embellish the shapes with stencilled, sponged, painted and printed motifs: leaves, grasses, bark, shadows etcetcetc. Also, many of the colors I will use for embellishing the surface will be more complex and interesting than these rather straight forward colors. Also, true to form, I am working somewhat piecemeal (I still haven't finished painting out the crimson on one of the walls but I just couldn't wait to have some fun.)
I did have to re-paint one area already. When I stepped back and looked at the wall, it was starting to look too much like a pediatrics ward- too cute and sweet. too easter basket-ish. There is still one patch of the offending viridian left, I ran out of the bronzy green that mercifully replaced the bulk of it. Phew, what a relief. Here it is so far:

I am also just glad to be exercising the art muscle. Friday evening a bunch of artist friends came over for an informal evening in my studio and that was very very pleasant. Saturday afternoon I attended the opening of the "River" show at the WAAM and that was good also. A few too many questions about my life right now, but there you are. By the end of that reception, however, I was all peopled out and opted for a quiet rest of my weekend. I painted, and graded papers for the class I teach up in Albany. Monday will be here all too soon. Ah well... sic transit gloria mundi.


PooBahSpiel said...

Now all you need is a couple of care bears for the couch. Really an improvement over the anger-hate inducing color the Munsters left behind.

coloradoDAR said...

Your wall painting looks AMAZING so far! I do hope you'll post an "after" photo when it's completely done.

Daurie Augostine

P.S. I discovered your blog by accident one day, and hope you don't mind that I've been following it. Love your "stories" as much as your artwork.

P.M.Law said...

Hi Daurie,

Thanks. I intend to post as I go along so keep checking back. Of course I don't mind that you follow my blog! That is every blogger's dream so thank you very much!

Also cheers to my stalwart friend from the west coast, Mark- hey Mark!

loelbarr said... about a new career as a muralist? Can't wait to see the final result. And curses on any future tenants that want to paint over it...