Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year, New Art

Here is the first new art work for the new year. Speaking of the new year, I am so happy to see the warty, decrepit backside of 2008. Good riddance, get outta here! I spent a very quiet new year's eve and day meditating on the passing year and clearing the decks for the coming year. At my former home I would go out into the snow at midnight and set off a fountain firework then go in and go to bed. This year I had a cup of decaf tea, watched a romantic movie, cried a bit and knitted, hugged the cat and went to bed- such an exciting life. 2009 can only be better. (11 days and counting)

But I digress. The first art work for the new year was done for a regional competition being held by the WAAM as part of the Henry Hudson quadricente
nnial celebrations going on this year. Her name is "Muhheakunnuk" which is the native name for what we now call the Hudson River. The work depicts a native/nature figure transformed by European culture. I like it. Whether the juror will is another matter and out of my control- it will be interesting to see. I'll let you know.

Until then, may you be happy and healthy in the face of the challenges of the coming year. As the saying goes: "The past is history, the future is a mystery, all we have is now which is why its called the present." (Corny? yeah but I have never said I was sophisticated and I eschew cynicism.)


PooBahSpiel said...

A most impressive piece of new art. And a perfect way to start the new year. I've a ton of New Year Resolutions. Many from last year are still kicking around. But, I'm confident that I can put many of them to bed. Okay, I've run out of metaphors.

P.M.Law said...

I've given up on resolutions- they are promises I cannot honestly say I will keep so I would rather not make them in the first place. I'm working so hard on cleaning up my side of the street, why throw more trash around in the form of broken resolutions?