Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Few Trips Around the Colorwheel

I realized last evening that I have not posted for a few weeks- since leaving Thrums End and my first night in my new place; here is what has been happening.

I am slowly settling in here, I have learned the benefits of earplugs for dealing with the noise in the night and block-out liner for drapes for dealing with the street lamps that seem charming from street level but not so when one is trying to sleep. I am getting used to the wonky floors and walls in this place- I do not think there is anything at right angles anywhere
. I am unpacking and have made a few trips to the storage unit to retrieve belongings. Setting up, putting away, slowly but surely.

Starting even before I moved in here, I had assumed that I would paint and decorate using the same palette I had at my former home- I loved the colors, warm tones, earthy and subtle. But the more time I have spent here the more I have been seeing a very different palette- colors my Great Aunt Jean used- icy turquoises, limey greens (overlap with my old palette,) orchid (!) salmon, and eggplant to ground them all to keep them from being too sweet. The wood trim is all dark and that will ground them also. What!? Where are the clays and mosses? I have appa
rently moved from earth to ocean. So, I put my ear to the seashell and my eye to the horizon and pick up my paint brush.

Meanwhile, in the studio- have I been making art? Yes. Happy with what I have done? No, not really but I trust it will come back to me.


PooBahSpiel said...

My only regret about living in apartments is that I should have just gone ahead and painted the walls. That said, I've only painted two wall in this old shack in the last 17 years. And my office still has pink wallpaper with tiny pink roses on it. How hip is that!

P.M.Law said...

I couldn't stand to not tinker with the colors- it just isn't possible for me to go into a room and not think how I would paint the walls, arrange the furniture, etc. I can't look at practically anything human-made and not consider how I would have done it.

But really, Mark- consider removing that wallpaper as part of your office purge... either that or replace all your furniture with white wicker.