Monday, August 18, 2008

One Step Back

The Studio Tour went well for me considering the change of venue and the economy. It was a long weekend but I was pleased with the results. I did get many, many strokes for the quality of my work. I am resolved to take my work to the big city and look for a gallery there. It will undoubtedly be another sisyphean slog but I must get my work out into the bigger world.

Finding a place to live has not gone so well. My dream space has been rented, but not to me... I had gotten together the funds to secure the space and called this morning ready to plunk down the dollars but it was not to be. I was and am so disappointed and the anxiety level is being ratcheted up. I need to be out of here and I have no where to go. I looked at an adequate space in Kingston, the nearby city, but it would disqualify me from the Tour and I couldn't get out into green as quickly. Miniscule kitchen, fluorescent lighting in the ceiling and the constant hum of the air conditioning unit for the downstairs business- oh, and its on the third floor with a narrow staircase. I don't even know if my studio worktable would be able to be moved up the stairs.
However, I may not be able to find anything else.

I can't really do anything else today so I just have to let it go. But I fear I am stuck on the bank, watching my future flow further and further away from me.

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