Friday, March 7, 2008

Business in the Corner of My Eye

I recently became a member of a business-oriented networking site,LinkedIn... think of it as FaceBook for grown-ups. I am a business- Thrums End Art Studio- but I am definitely small potatoes. My art, my design, my ├Žsthetic is not slick or flashy or corporate, but it is powerfully authentic. I do tend to not approach things straight-on, I prefer to seek the nibbly bits, the tender edges, the raveled sleeve and work from there. I prefer clients who appreciate that approach even if they are sitting in a stainless-steel and glass tower in a Big City and I am sitting in my studio with its red door and turquoise window trim amongst the trees. We are having a conversation and I hope LinkedIn will introduce me to more interesting people with interesting things to add to the conversation.(And who might even have some paying work for me...I do have my banausic side, afterall.)

I am not able to compete on the trading floor of the big guys. I am not the person to hire to make your huge, 100 page, massively interactive, corporate website, I am the person to hire to make the website for the poetry you write at 4am. Or maybe to purchase beautiful art for your corporate offices.

So, why am I on LinkedIn? Because maybe there is someone out there who does wake up an hour early to write poetry or bake cakes and they want a quirky, delightful website to celebrate it. Or maybe there is someone out there who is designing a project and needs beautiful, insightful illustration.

I don't know- I am willing to do what it takes and I think I have something to add to the conversation- even if it is disguised as ruminations on a handmade mirror in a hand-painted interior.......

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